Inspiring Greatness

First of all I would like to say thank you to Kline Smith for coming up with such an interesting and creative new tagline for our university. It really deserved to win! Recently the university challenged us to post on it Facebook wall explaining in not more than 350 words what our new tagline meant to us individually. I thought to myself why not, after all this is a very interesting concept and I like. One thing that helped me figure out what “Inspiring Greatness” really meant to me was to first start by separating these two big words (inspiring and greatness) and simply try and understand what each word meant to me individually.


First of all for me inspiration acts as both a mental stimulant and as well as a catalyst. It doesn’t just allow me to generate creative ideas but it also moves me to put those ideas into action, and also allows me to inspire others to action. I truly believe that inspiration can cause a great positive change in one’s life and at the same time allow a person to grow and develop. Inspiration doesn’t just motivate a person to say I CAN but it also motivates one to say I WILL!!!

The best thing about inspiration is that it is found almost everywhere. For example, when I see students and lecturers work so hard to achieve good positive results to put UKZN on the map, I also get inspired to do the same. Even when I see the staff that maintains our school’s environment working so hard cutting grass, watering our gardens and cleaning our university I always get inspired to also do my share in keeping our university clean and respect my environment. Also, as a new graduate myself I was inspired by other graduates who also graduated from this mazing university.

Greatness on the other hand for me is anything that is of outstanding significance and importance, something that is totally remarkable and large. I also believe that once you have it, no one can ever take that away from you. Others describe it as anything that is bigger than others of its kind and I believe that this is what UKZN strives for.


To sum up (Inspiring + Greatness)

Stimulating, motivating and encouraging excellence and remarkability!!!

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The Lovely Megan Wridgway

This lovely young lady was born in Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg and grew up in Mooi River. She went to Izotsha Primary School near Shirley Beach and completed her high schooling in Port Shepstone High School, where she finished her metric in 2008. She has one younger brother by the name of Nathan who is 19 years old, and one half-brother and a half-sister. Her parents got divorced when she was only five years old and her mother re-married her step father when she was 7 years old. Her biological father passed away in a tragic diving accident with her high school best friend’s mom.

Megan is very close to her mom and younger brother Nathan. She is also very close to her half-brother Herman. But she is not very close to her half-sister. When I asked her the reason why, she mentioned that it could be the fact that her half-sister has never been happy about her father marrying her mother. “She probably wanted her parents to be together and is still crossed that her father married my mother because she also doesn’t like my mother as well,” she said.

Besides her love for fashion this young lady is madly in love with her cat Sophie. During our interesting little conversation I noticed that her face always lit up every time when I asked her about her adorable 11 month old kitten. When I asked her how long she has had Sophie for she explained with a smile on her face saying that it has been 11 months now and Sophie was bought from the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) by her ex-boyfriend as a gift to her last year September. When I asked her if Sophie does somehow remind her of her ex-boyfriend she responded by saying, “Oh yes she does. You know she used to love him a lot. In fact she used to love him more than me because she would always sit on his lap and not on mine.”


She also mentioned a sad incident that happened earlier this year involving her beloved cat. She got some complaints from her neighbours around the complex that she stays in near Southgate Spar here in Pietermaritzburg saying that Sophie pees and poops in their houses and gardens. She then took Sophie to go and stay with her mom for two weeks but then during that period the peeing and the pooping continued in the complex because there are 12 stray cat who also stay in the complex, and three of them look exactly like Sophie. No wonder why they thought it was her. She then decided to take Sophie back from her mother. She has been back with her for three weeks now and she is very happy that they are together again.

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All They Just Needed Was a Chance, and We All Do…

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.” Some describe chance as a possibility due to a favourable combination of circumstances, while some regard it as an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another. However each and every one of us may choose to see it I do believe that chance is something that we should all be granted at some stage in our lives, and quiet in fact at all stages in our lives. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor but we all deserve a chance in something. Imagine you meet someone for the very first time and because of the way they are dressed or even the way they speak, let say that they are having an awfully terrible day, we suddenly conclude that the first impression they give us is exactly who they really are. Many people around the world lose out on jobs, fame and even love and it is not just because of their first impression but also because of our refusal to give them a second chance, not thinking that someday we too might also need to be given a second chance. Some of us even refuse to give people a chance because of the way they look, forgetting that if you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on an amazing story.

Now these two human beings are a perfect example of chance. Imagine if before the fame they looked in the mirror and thought to themselves, I’m too old for this, and I may be talented but talent alone is not enough in the entertainment industry.


Imagine if before he even sang the judges threw him out of stage because of the way he first presented himself, chewing his gum and the people booed him out. Do you think the world would have ever got  to hear that amazing voice?


Because she gave herself a chance and the world did the same we got to know this very talented woman by the name of Susan Boyle. Imagine how many people got inspired by all this and how many changed their thinking and their whole lives after this??? Just imagine…

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No Ordinary Kids

At first I could not believe my ears and I tried to listen over and over again until it finally sinked in that these kids are just talented and they are no ordinary kids from your neighborhood. How can someone so small has such a big voice, I still wonder. How is it possible? Hopefully I am not the only one who first drowned in misbelief.


There isn’t really much to know about this incredibly talented youngster who lives in a small village in Brazil. He has a voice like an angel. He is Jose Antonio Viana, but goes by “Jotta A” — although his family calls him Tony. He is the youngest of three sons of  Antonio and Edna Holanda, living in the village of Angélica, just outside Sorocaba, Brazil. The joy that radiates from this 13-year-old is contagious and I simply fell inlove with this amazing boy the very first time I watched this video.
He is an Australian singer, best known for winning the fifth season of Australia’s Got Talent. He subsequently signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia. His debut single, “Yes I Am“, was released for digital download on 3 August 2011. Vidgen’s debut studio album, also titled Yes I Am, was released on 19 August 2011. His second album, Inspire, is due to be released on 27 April 2012.

Ronan David Parke is an English singer from Poringland, Norfolk, UK who came runner-up in the fifth series of ITV show Britain’s Got Talent, despite being the bookies’ favourite to win. After the show it was reported that Ronan had signed a joint record deal with Sony Music.He released his debut album Ronan Parke on 24 October 2011.


Shaheen Jafargholi is a Welsh teen actor and singer from Swansea, Wales. He is of Iranian and Welsh descent. He appeared on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show and sang “Who’s Lovin’ You” at Michael Jackson’s globally televised public memorial service in July 2009. In May 2010, Jafargholi signed a record deal with Island Records, and recorded a debut album “When I Come of Age” and a debut double A side single “Last Train Home/Hip Teens.


Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco (born May 10, 1992), popularly known by the mononym Charice, is a Filipina singer and actress who rose to popularity through YouTube. Dubbed by Oprah Winfrey as the Most Talented Girl in the World, she released her first international studio album Charice in 2010. The album entered the Billboard 200 at number-eight, making Charice the first Asian solo singer in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart.


Caroline Costa, (born in Moissac, France on 9 May 1996) is a French singer and TV presenter.

You have got to love and adore them!!!

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The Big 5

They say “People may forget what you said and how you said it, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Artists come and go and thousands and thousands of songs are written everyday, but only a few do afford to leave remarkable memories not just in our minds but also in our hearts. These are the kinds of artists I normally refer to as legends and divas. I have seen artists faking it, some thinking they know and got it all figured out but for me these are the kind of women who were just born with it. They do not even need to fake it, and without even too much effort their big beautiful voices just come out and simply have mountains moving and the world itself shaking…naturally!!!

My Personal #1. CELINE DION

Give me one artist you think has the voice as big as hers. It moves mountains and sure breaks windows and there is no doubt about that!


She is a natural. We truly lost a decent talent and a real diva. God bless her soul.


She is amazing!!!


 The young woman who came and blew up the airwaves and cost Beyonce an Oscar…she’s a natural!!!

# 5. Christina Aguilera

Such a big beautiful voice from such a small body…speechless!

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Is Your Colour the Right Colour?

So you have applied for your dream job, at your dream company. You have sent that curriculum vitae and kept your fingers crossed for that phone call inviting you to an interview. Indeed you get the call and what’s next? The next big step is to prepare for the interview. The first thing you need to prepare is the dress code. We all know that how you dress for an interview influences the impression you make on your potential employer. But rarely people stop to realize that the colours they choose for their outfits say a lot about them.

Did you know that the colour BLACK is seen to present power, authority and drama? It can also make you seem unapproachable and overpowering. So do yourself a favour and steer clear of black for interviews, unless it worn as an accent colour. WHITE on the other hand symbolizes neutrality, as well as that is pure, chaste and clean. A good bet for shirts and blouses. BLUE has been shown to have the biggest success rate during job interviews. It definitely a good choice as it presents trust, authority and loyalty. BROWN is the colour of earth and nature. It creates an open environment, conducive to communication. It also conveys stability and credibility. BEIGE/TAN shares the same qualities as brown and these colours are seen to be passive and non-aggressive as well as stress reducing.



GREY is good if you are going for a sophisticated look. It is rated as the second most popular colour to wear to job interviews, after blue and says that you are confident, without being overpowering. RED is the colour that creates the most emotional response in people. It represents dander, passion, heat, strength, and power. While you should avoid wearing it in large amounts to a job interview, using it as an accent colour can enhance quick decision making and increase expectations. ORANGE is related to warmth like red, is associated with strong emotions. It is said that people who wear orange have strong personalities. Wearing orange will attract attention and again is not suggested for interviews because of the wrong emotions it creates. YELLOW is the most difficult colour for the eye to absorb, so wearing large amounts of it is not advisable. Interestingly, research has shown that people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms that any other colour. It is also associated with a wide range of emotions; from good cheer to caution and jealousy.


GREEN is an extremely positive colour. It is the easiest colour for the eye to absorb and is calming refreshing. It is a good colour to wear for an interview, as you will feel comfortable, without standing out. PURPLE is the colour of royalty, passion and love. It is often viewed as a feminine colour and should be avoided when attending an interview with a strong gender bias. Last but not least PINK can represents a number of emotions, anything from excitement and fun to calm. It is also viewed as a feminine colour and should be avoided for job interviews.  


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Getting Started

One is armed with a brand new degree and about to enter a whole new world and one which may seem foreign at first. They say it is a world driven by tight deadlines and governed by unspoken rules. Yes the world that I am referring to is the working world and it can be somewhat intimidating to someone like me; the inexperienced. But with proper preparation I am sure it is not as hard as people think it is. Yesterday I saw an interesting post on the university notices and I knew it was a great opportunity I would not wish to miss. After all it fitted all the requirements. I have a degree and I desperately need a part time job this coming vacation. I cannot afford to stay at home for almost two months doing absolutely nothing. But as we all know almost every job requires curriculum vitae, and a good one from its applicants. That is where the problem started. Not that I did not have a curriculum vitae prepared, the question is it good enough? I then decided to do some research on how to improve my curriculum vitae and indeed I found some very interesting curriculum vitae dos and don’ts on Careers SA. Let just hope they will do some magic and help me get that job. This is what they entail:

The first important thing is to stay away from emotive language and keep your curriculum vitae clear, professional and concise. Make sure that it contains all the relevant information such as personal details, education, educational qualifications, IT skills, special achievements, any charity work or any other work that you have been involved in, as well as past jobs and your reason for leaving them. References must also be included and must be from people who will be able to comment on your work ethic, performance and values- so do not give them names of your friends. Check your grammar and spelling and ensure that you have a certificate to support any qualification you mentioned on your CV.

Be 100% truthful and do not tell even a few small white lies to make your CV look that much polished. Do not handwrite your CV and do not include humorous information. Always be professional! Last but not least before you can even apply for a job, it is very important to get involved. Go to all the company presentations at your university and start networking with your fellow students and within a greater community.

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Why You Need Enough Shuteye

Yesterday I slept at exactly half past three in the morning because I wanted to be a good student and get my work done on time and it still going to be days before I get proper sleep, otherwise the work is not going to finish itself. I can feel my eyes starting to get heavier and heavier and that means one thing…I need to go to bed! I need to sleep, after all sleep is essential for every living being and recently I read that in fact if you do not get enough shuteye you could die. This is scary but it is true. Sleep recharges our brains, our cells repair themselves and our body release important hormones as we rest.  While on the topic about sleep, I also came across some very fascinating facts about it. I was shocked even to hear that there are four different stages of sleep. This is how they are structured”


During this stage a person’s heart rate slows down, the muscles relax and the body temperature drops. You can be woken up easily but it will feel as if you haven’t had any sleep.


During this stage the immune system repairs any damage inflicted during your waking hours and your body releases growth hormones. Blood is sent to your muscles and the body achieves complete sleep.


This stage is the first stage of deep sleep. The brain waves are a combination of slow (delta) and fast waves. It can be difficult to wake someone up at this stage of sleep and they are grumpy and disorientated.


During this REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, respiration is erratic and brain activity mounts. This is when we dream and when you notice the sleeper’s eyelids twitching. It begins 70 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep.

Another important fact to remember is that five minutes after waking up you forget half of what you dreamt. Just minutes later and you’ve lost 90 per cent!

Okay I know I promised myself that I am going to stay at least one more hour and put together at least one more blog post but the heavy load on my eyes and the yawning is now becoming way beyond my control. I am going straight to bed and get some shuteye. By the way I think I might as well keep a dream journal next to my bed so that the minute I wake up I can write down what I dream. Who knows maybe during stage 4 my guardian angel might pay me a visit and leave me a good gift, and if it is good enough I might find myself writing six numbers on my journal tomorow morning ;-).


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What an Experience!

Just thought I share a simple but yet very interesting experience I had last week. I was invited by a friend/classmate of mine to attend her installation which was held at the Jack Heath Gallery here at the University of KwaZulu Natal (Pietermaritzburg Campus). The installation was held on Thursday but we were supposed to do something before the actual day of the installation. On Wednesday she gave us all R20, 00 to buy something for 25 people that were going to attend the installation. You had to be a little bit creative and buy something that would be either eaten or used by all 25 people. The trick was that a majority of all 25 of us did not know one another and one did not know whether the other people would enjoy what one had bought. Because most of the things I would have loved to buy cost more than R20, 00 I then decided to buy some marshmallows because they cost exactly R19, 99. The other friend of mine bought some very delicious sweets. Luckily for me I was invited by along with another classmate of mine who also happens to be a good friend of mine. Therefore, I did not get overwhelmed by the thought of being surrounded by 24 strangers.

The aim of the installation was to bring strangers together in one place and have them talk and try to get to know one another. Earlier that day she also gave us white t-shirts and each had a different alphabet that in total made up her names and her surname. The arrival time was 4:45 pm and when we arrived she explained all the rules and answered some of the questions that other people had in order to make everything clear. She then put a sticker at the back of each person’s t- shirt. The stickers were written different things, from Nelson Mandela to William Shakespeare to French fries. At first no one knew what was written at the back of their t-shirts and the trick was to go around asking people for clues about whom ‘you were’ and help then try and figure out who ‘they were’. The clues did not have to be too simple nor too hard but just normal. After helping one another you then had to share whatever it is that you had each bought and move forward and try to assist someone else. By the way the whole experience was recorded on video camera.

I must say it was some people had bought the most interesting things ever, from muffins to diaries that people had to write to regarding the experience itself and as well as the person who had invited us, and to full fat maas *lol*. We talked, ate and had so much fun and after all of that we had to go and take photos before waving goodbye. We all really enjoyed ourselves and found the whole experience very interesting.

Thank you so much to Melba Gordon for the invite!!!

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Again it is That Painfull Time of the Year

When I went to campus this morning I noticed something, every area I passed was totally empty. Normally when I am about to pass by the parking near the commerce computer lab I’m always greeted by loud music banging from the car radios and students shouting and screaming across the law and commerce buildings. But today it was quiet, in fact too quiet and too peaceful for my liking. When I finally arrived in main campus I thought I was going to experience something different, probably a little bit of laughter, noise and that campus vibe that I enjoy the most but main campus was just as worse. All of a sudden the people who normally walk or hang out in groups were all walking alone today and I must say the pace was a little bit faster than normal. Even the dress code from most students has changed lately, from heels to sneakers. For a second I thought probably Nokubongwa Gwala missed the memo, and no students were allowed on campus today. But what about the very few I came across on my way here? I thought maybe it is because of the cold because somehow winter has a special ability of keeping people indoors.

However, it was only after I went to the library to buy some printing credits that I found an answer to all my questions. When I go there I was overwhelmed by amount of quietness I observed. Our library is very quiet but today you could not even hear the sound of people yawning or whispering to one another. When people would not even pay attention to you when you get inside the library, when they would not even look at anything except the books in front of them and when there is no smile on people’s faces but sweat (in winter of cause) it can only mean one thing. EXAMS are here! I wanted to slap myself, how could I forget? But then again it is easy to forget if you do not have an exam timetable….because you do not have any exam! It feels like yesterday when we moved in to res, registered and classes began. We also had opening bashes left, right and center and now it is all history.  


But the most exciting thing for me is the fact that for the first time in my life as a student I do not have any exam and I have never been so happy. There is nothing I hate as much as the first semester exams because they are in June and June is in winter. The thought of being at the library in the middle of the night, when it as cold as hell and other people are covered in warm blankets enjoying their sleep. You basically get double-depressed. You get depressed by the studying and the exams themselves as well as the cold. And then there is the cold exam venues which simply make your brain freeze and you end up forgetting everything because you are both nervous and cold. Shame I really feel sorry for all those poor students writing their exams. But on the other hand who said things are all smooth for me…well that is a story or should I say a blog post for another day.


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