Kuyoze kube nini (untill when)???

As I am writing this post I’ve just red a Facebook status update of one of the lecturers at the University of KwaZulu Natal(PMB Campus) which simply states, “I work in an institution where the vice chancellor pays himself 3,4 million a year and my students are starving.” I couldn’t help but respond to this interesting statement which happened to hit close to home. My immediate response was, ” And some of the tutors @ his institution have not been paid up untill 2dei, let alone some of the lecturers wu are still owed money from last year. Yet he gets his full ammount every month without any hustles…*fraustrated*
I am one of the very angry MECS 101 tutors who have not been paid up untill today. I started tutoring from the 10th of February 2012 and today its the 11th of April and I still haven’t been paid. Having said that I am hundred percent sure that our vice chancellor’s bank account is pouring with millions. Every month he gets his millions without any hustles and what do we get…nothing! Not even a decent explaination from the university’s finance division. Where the bloody hell do they expect us to get inspiration to continue doing our job successfully. Should I not get paid end of April then I feel sorry for those poor innocent first years. Unfortunately I did not apply to volunteer for the university but I applied for a job that promised me a salary every end of the month, which unfortuanately has not happened yet. I only wonder when it will. I also wonder if it ever accures to them that some of us really need this money, otherwise we would not have applied in the first place if we did not. I only wonder…
One of our lectures spoke to the UKZN’s Corporate Division and they do not believe her that there are so many of us who haven’t received payment as yet and they’ve asked us to email everything (our situation, details, WHEN LAST WE WERE PAID) to the university’s corporate relations and try to get hold of the Head of Professional Services (for Humanities) in order to try and set up a meeting with him. I only wonder if this will get through to their heads. These idiots are as stubborn as hell and you would swear that they get paid for it. And probably they do, why would our vice chancellor gets paid millions for doing absolutely nothing!!!  
I am just sick and tired of watching this university fall apart. Everything has changed but it seems like nothing has really changed for the better. Kuyoze kube nini???
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