Zille Taking it Too Far!!!

After hearing news of Helen Zille’s comment in which she referred to Eastern Cape pupils who flocked to the Western Cape for a better education asrefugees, I must admit like many other South Africans  I got really angered by her comments. For me the use of the word ‘refugee’ itself is what really got to me. Irrespective of the intended message or statement behind the word, it a very inappropriate word to use to other fellow South Africans of which I’m sure she might need one day for votes. She has no rights to call people refugee in their own country as if they are restricted from moving around. Those days of “restrictions” are gone, dead and burried and Zille need to wake and realise that. Of couse because she is Hellen Zille I am definately sure she’s going to try and justify everything on her favourite social network Twitter and expect us to let it slide. Like hell we are, at least I know I won’t!!!

                                                                                                                            Western Cape Map

Infact, I’ m starting to get sick and tired of how Helen Zille treats the Western Cape as though it is some other country and not part of South Africa. Believe me I admire some of the things she has done for the Western Cape and how she stands bravely against the ANC or should I say Jacob Zuma now that “her best friend” Malema is out of the picture. But yesterday her use of this word was definately small-minded and very low of her.  Its human rights month for goodness sake, and I believe every South African irrespective of race or background has equal rights to stay anywhere in South Africa including the Western Cape. Zille needs to be specific and honest especially with black people in this country, cause like the ANC I’m starting to think that the rumours about  her being racist are true…

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2 thoughts on “Zille Taking it Too Far!!!

  1. bjrobinsonmecs707

    The Witness ran a few stories about children coming from the Eastern Cape to Pietermaritzburg, these kids were being housed in hostels in the city. The children were in Pietermaritzburg to attend school. When the parents were contacted the reason for their kids being sent here was that the schools in their home areas were just disfunctional. jr

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